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Artefacts, Carpets, Textiles
  • Created through intimate engagement with artists.
  • Contemporary themes using traditional techniques.
  • Exclusive designs inspired by nature.
  • Combining high-end luxury with modern living.
  • Appreciation of rich ancient heritage.

We cater to a clientele of discerning taste and adorn the homes of art collectors, diplomats, business people, prime ministers, renowned designers and royal families from across the world.

our story

A.K Badhwar founded Indian Art Carpets

Deepak Badhwar joins his fathers concern and starts intensive innovation and revival work with master artists in creating carpets, miniature paintings and high quality shawls.

Indian Art Carpets travels to Europe to showcase the collection of fine hand-knotted carpets.

Handspun and handwoven pashmina fabric procured by Francesco Smalto, to make suit linings for the king of Morocco amongst others.

A pure pashmina carpet commissioned by Deepak Badhwar. This was done after over a century. Followed by a showcase ‘Imperial Dreams’ to display and educate people about pashmina carpets and Indian art.

Contemprary themes introduced in traditional Kangra mineature paintings.

For the first time pure Benaras Zari woven in Kani pashmina shawls.

The flora and fauna of Kashmir valley being depicted in carpet designs.

Our Collection

Clients speak

They say when you do what you love its not work anymore.
Deepak Badhwar is one such fortunate person who’s passion for weave & weft turns every carpet & shawl into a living piece of art. Not only the silk, the yarn, the wool but the human factor makes one piece stand out from the other. An eye for detail, bolstered with years of experience & knowledge of the craft comes to life in his hands. Over the years, my family & I have been fortunate to own & possess some of Deepak’s carpets, shawls & artefacts. They have found there way across the world as gifts to very pleased & honoured friends.

Over kava, so many of my clients, who give me the responsibility of turning their refurbishment projects into homes, have been enthralled with Deepak Badhwar’s wondrous treasure trove.

Thank you, Deepak for the joy you spread. Shine on.

Nandini Bahri Dhanda – Founder | By Design

Deepak Badhwar is a Weaver of Dreams. His aesthetic is as refined as it is creative. His designs are based on innovation and thinking out of the box. He creates magic with his unorthodox designs and uses traditional techniques to perfection. Each piece, be it a kaani Shawl or an exquisite hand-woven carpet, is created to perfection under his expert tutelage and dedicated eye for perfection. His talent is limitless. His passion for both flora and fauna ( he is a botanist and an avid bird watcher) makes his understanding of the design that much more detailed. His passion is incomparable. His thirst for constant innovation is undying. He truly brings fantasies to life. A true Maestro he does it all from his heart.

Rohit Bal – Fashion Designer

Rohit Bal – Fashion Designer

Deepak Badhwar represents India’s findest traditions in carpets, shawls and artefacts. I have known Deepak Badhwar for more than 35 years, and cherish the excellent quality and true craftmanship of the wonderful carpets and shawls I have acquired from Deepak over all those years. All those treasures I have bought from him are true pieces of art. And I particularly value his honest and learned advice as well as his competent knowledge.

Dr. Irmfried Stampfl – Diplomat | Mission of Austria to the EU

Diplomat | Mission of Austria to the EU

Deepak has two great qualities- he has impeccable taste and knowledge and he is someone one can trust implicitly. These two positive attributes make him a purveyor some of the finest things one could hope to own – fine carpets, exquisite shawls and beautiful artefacts.

Nikhil Khanna – Founder & M.D | AvianWe

Nikhil Khanna – Founder & M.D | AvianWe


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